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Pre-Collection Program

Our Pre-Collection Program involves sending out delinquent notices on your behalf which can help settle those delinquent accounts that you are having difficulty collecting.  We have clients who use this service as their own accounts payable system as it can save money and more importantly time as we are managing the notices sent.

How it works

The program consist of sending out 3 notices on your behalf to a specific person/business in 10 day increments that are delinquent in paying an account to you.

  1. The first notice is a friendly reminder that payment is now due and to contact you, the client, to make payment arrangements.
  2. The next 2 letters increase the awareness that payment is needed and credit file(s) may be affected if this matter is not addressed. The client will not be charged a commission at any time during this process as you purchased the Pre-Collect card.
  3. We will contact you, the client, after the 3rd notice has been sent.  At that time, the client will decide if they want to proceed to full collection or close the file completely.
  4. We only ask that the client contact us at any point during the process, if a suitable arrangement or payment in full has been received to avoid further notices from being sent.

For those of you interested in Pre-Collection, contact our office at (519) 539-8196 and we will set you up as a PRE-COLLECTION client and send you (minimal purchase of 15) cards.  Each card will have a 4 digit number that is assigned to you to initiate a Pre-Collection. You attach that number when entering the information in the below box.  We are attempting to go GREEN and would like to minimize paper use.  Please contact us if you would like them scanned, faxed or mailed.

Cost: $13.00/each + HST (Minimum purchase of 15 cards)

    If you are a returning client, simply check this box to initiate Pre-Collection.

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